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Moondance is an ancient ceremony, where women from tribes comes to heal, to connect, to bring the sisterhood together and remember their purpose in life,  Moon dance comes from the Mexica tradition, is an old ceremony, for the ancestors knew that is through the women where the whole community depend.

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The Moon Dance is an experience that is hard to define with words. For me it has created a powerful movement deep within my being. A removal/shedding of the false self and jumping into a beautiful well of creation untapped in my being. An experience of self discovery and a knowledge of a universe that I thought was only for my imagination was brought into this reality.
— Kim P.

Moon Dance really challenged me to let go of some of the attachments that were not serving me. The process of this transmutation was not always easy, in fact sometimes it was down right painful. I danced so hard to release this pain. Going through this process showed me that I do not want my life to be full pain. That pain does not make me a better or wiser person. That we do not need to suffer, that we do not need to bond through pain. That we can bond through love and that life is not about the suffering.
— Sara T.
I also was nervous to learn the 3 songs in such a short time. But, once I let go of my fear and allowed spirit to help me remember the words I could relax into the process. Ironically after 3 days of practicing singing the songs and the beautiful ceremonys I couldn’t get the songs out of my head for a long time after the moon dance was over.....It literally was singing in my heart and mind as a part of me. it was amazing!
— Patricia I.
Words cannot express the healing that I received during the MoonDance Last year! I knew that I had work to do, but didn’t know it!
I had been “working on me” all my life and not getting where I needed to be.... I kept going but not going anywhere. I am so thankful for that week in the mountians.
— Cheryl R.
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