“Sacred Woman organization was created by several strong sisters from all the colors of the skin, all ages, and languages, was created with only one heart, and one purpose, to be able to open the doors for women from all tribes to bring a healthy community in the world. The community depends on the women, is through us women where the happiness and wellbeing comes forward.
It has been a beautiful journey in this organization. Many stories we can tell, and so many others just unfolding. Feels like we are just beginning, with the passion and heart of a woman, in the welcoming to a better world, for we are doing our part to make a better world for the next generations. 
When I see the changes, the difference, in the little world of so many people that this organization has brought makes my heart bloom!” 
— Magdala Ramirez, Founder of Sacred Woman

The mission of Sacred Woman is to awaken the spiritual being and enlightenment of the sacred feminine knowledge of women throughout the world.

Our Story

The New World School of the Sacred Woman was incorporated in the State of Ohio on November 6, 2006 after nearly two years of discussion by women seeking to raise their own consciousness, with a particular emphasis on the ancient wisdom that resides in many cultures and that is ready to be brought forward to people of all walks of life. The purpose of the organization is to support the development of programs and experiences for people to grow within themselves. The organization is not a school in the traditional sense.

Sacredness of life is here as a way of living,

Yes, the time has come for all human beings to encounter peace within and outside the self,

The time is Now. For there is only one nature, one heart beat,

the beat of the mother. The sacred heart beat of all life forms. This is our Mother,

We all are making the sacred dance with her, in her and for her

Now is the time for human beings to listen to her heart beat. Listen to her song….


The Sacred Woman values:

  • Honor
  • Holism
  • Multiculturalism
  • Community
  • Sisterhood
  • Wisdom of the Ages

Our organization was developed by a diverse group of women interested in bringing forth projects and activities that will provide resources to create new ways of perceiving the world around us. Sacred Woman has a mission to "awaken the spiritual being and enlighten the sacred feminine knowledge of people throughout the world." It fulfills this mission by providing the space, resources and facilitation for people to evolve in their spirituality and learn in ways that embrace and consummate the traditions of many cultures and the wisdom of the ages.

Our Purpose:
It will do so by providing space, resources and facilitation for women to evolve in their spirituality and learn in ways that embrace and consummate the traditions of many cultures and the wisdom of the ages.

Our Values:
In all dimensions of its work, Sacred Woman will honor, uphold and practice holism, multiculturalism, community, sisterhood, and the wisdom of the ages.

Our Vision:
Sacred Woman will be a sanctuary for women that offers a safe and tranquil place for them to reflect, learn, develop skills and grow in an inclusive, loving and nonjudgmental environment. Tranquility tanks, vision quests, seminars and programs will be available to support women to fully embrace their femininity, discover their gifts, express their creativity, sexually evolve, and create new pathways for the world. Through dedication to the service and care of women, Sacred Woman will also offer personal growth opportunities for men and activities for boys and girls. At the School, women will have the freedom, peace and support to nourish all dimensions of their being and learn about and among diverse cultures. Through enlightenment, they will be able to pursue their spiritual quests while fully evolving in their understanding of and use of their female self.

Our Programs:
Workshops and retreats for women throughout the world to explore, teach, engage, and support each other in their journeys toward spiritual enlightenment.
Curriculum to support the teaching and learning of feminine wisdom and philosophies.
Opportunities to learn about ancient spiritual wisdoms and experience spiritual ceremonies from a variety of cultures, past and present, in sacred places.
Virtual and real locations to build community, heal and dimensionally future ones mind, body, spirit and emotions.

:: About Our Logo ::

                       The Tree of Life

                       The Tree of Life


Our logo is the Tree of Life. A tree has Many Branches and a deep root, always growing, always reaching, always encountering.

     The logo for Sacred Woman is an ancient symbol for the Tree of Life.  The rainbow tree of life is the path of becoming human according to the ancestors.  Sometimes she is called the Great Mother, because we are all born from that one tree.

     The tree has many branches, many ways of expressing, but with one root from which all life forms are created.  And we are all connected through that tree. 

    She is the one that nurtures and inspires us and she is the one that calls us to create form from the formless – from all the possibilities. The branches of this tree represent where we want to focus our attention in the creation of projects that will create a better world for us all.