Pearls of Wisdom

Truth is powerful. Voicing our truths- even more powerful!

Excerpts taken from Ancient Wisdom of the Feminine Blogtalkradio

"I want to say to many of you who are hesitating about your path. Thinking 'I don't see my path clearly, what should I do or where should I go and you keep on telling me to trust myself and i don't know how to do this'.But i'm telling you my sister, my mothers, my daughter, my grandchild. As you begin to walk, immediately the path is going to appear in your eyes.You are the path. Your path is so so unique that absolutely no one can walk it with you. You cannot walk the path of anyone else. Know that, you are that path and the walker. Remember that in every step is your prayer and your prayer is in every step. Know that when you become one with your path, you are being guided and you do have the assistance that you need, and that you also are assisting everyone around you. Respect the path of everyone, for it is a soul journey and that beautiful path that you are, will take you to the liberation that you have always been. A goal, isn't really in the outside. Its in every step. You have always been free. Through love you become who you truly are because you are love."
- Magdala Ramirez, on 'A New Way to Relate' episode on Blogtalk radio.
"...they teach you that love is outside of yourself, instead of 'You are Love' its something you have to look for. And you can hear it in the speech.When I go home for the holidays, everyone's asking me 'Oh! Have you met that special somebody?' or 'Are you in love?'. And if I say no, then its almost implying that i'm out of love. Which is kind of funny...because if I don't have a boyfriend I must be out of love?! Instead of teaching the young ones from an early age, from the day they are born that they are love.....and I've been reacting to that one for years instead of just saying 'Actually, I am love' and having a knowing about it".
-Sara Truitt, on Episode 'Next Generation of Medicine Women’
"A great thing to remember is when you talk to the great mother, she always answers back. sometimes its that little voice of an answer that you get. Sometimes it could be simple, but powerful, that connection that you have.”
-Patrice Lange, on Episode 'Next Generation of Medicine Women’

"If we allow pain to dictate our lives. Then they win. If we allow that pain to say "you're not going to love again because you got hurt", then they win. And it is your choice. Truth is that love, really has nothing to do with one person that you love or not. It is your ability to understand yourself through that connection within yourself because everyone, every single one that you have ever loved in your soul journey has taught you beautiful things in one way or the other about love. You did want to trust that person, you did want to believe in that person, The problem was that it is really not about believing in that person. Its about believing in yourself. The problem is not about trusting that person. Its about trusting yourself. This doesn't mean you need to stay with a relation that is hurting you. A relation that is not in that divine order or is through a programming meant to hurt women.
It is true that it is the time of changes but starts within yourself. Love. Love deeply through that connection.Every single relation is happening within yourself. Nothing is really lost. Love the same way the eternal feminine does, means absolutely no attachment. If the person is with you then that means the person wants to be with you. There is no attachment in that way.Walking together is a very beautiful thing but with no attachment. Walk into that freedom that love is naturally, into the purest essence of love."

~ Magdala Ramirez on Episode 'Moving the Paradigm' of our Radiotalk