The Golden Era: Part 10

...its about liberation…its about understanding that you are born free. In your original vibe which is the fifth and beyond- there is different ways of thinking. you become very inclusive. you begin to comprehend that whatever is happening to one is happening to many, to all of us together. there is a way of thinking about honor and respect to each other and as a human being, to our environment for we understand the communication with the whole creations, with flowers ,trees with everything around us - connection with stars. in this realm you can see yourself as cosmic beings. in this realm is there is the perfect balance between the male- the female.
So whatever is happening in the inside is also happening in the outside. You are making the inside the same of the outside, and the outside the same as the inside. This perfect balance it has nothing to do with the patriarchal system or the matriarchal system. No. In this world everything is about this balance. In this world you understand that you are love. That you have always been love. And through that love, you communicate this incredible communication. You see yourself as this bead of information and there is nothing to hide. And the communication is much more direct for there is no more filters of backgrounds, ages, and ways of this realm, you understand your light body that we have been talking about.There is no struggle anymore of any kind. you live in that entrega, you walk in that entrega. In that entrega, you do perceive yourself without the filter of the mind or any other conflict or identification for there is the absence of fear. It is the absence of destruction and chaos.
For a while now, you have been ruled by separation and attitudes of ‘What about me’. People have been valuing themselves through money, color of the skin or background or country. It was the world of illusion. The world of separation, world of the nightmare. The nightmare is over. As you begin to see each one of the steps and you begin to just look around you and look inside of you this incredible world, The Golden Era, that we are just approaching. For a while, the guilt and shame of the people has been bringing a lot of distortion of love. And love was manipulated as a concept. But it never lost its meaning from the inside. No matter what you see, no matter what you do there is always love involved. This is the true human being. In this world we recognize each other as a peaceful being by nature. We recognize that the freedom we have, the freedom we are- it connects us more! Its not about competition anymore. It is about understanding the visions and experiences that one can have- that you can relate it with everyone around you. And the experiences are communicating each other but not through the struggle, but the liberation. For a while the laws of the father has been showing what the differerne in every single realm as you raise your consciousness. You will begin to see incredible understandings that you have about yourself. We do have help. That assistance is being done by star people and the ancient ones and many beings all around us for the people to raise their consciousness. the help is that understanding of truth and spiritual work that human being are doing now. the masculine ways that has been in the patriatcheical system. Right now, they are beginning to comprehend the love that they have within themselves and beginning to see the Divine Feminine inside of themselves. For she is the holy spirit, that holy spirit that is bringing a new revelation to all the human beings. For a while now, as a woman everything was about the world of the form for us too, the obsession of the world of the form. They told you that the outside world was the most important for you and that was a lie. The only thing that obsession with the outside world has brought is pain and separation and a distortion of the identity- the way that you were looking at yourself. The world of the essence it is completely different, for in there it is before the creations- in there absolutely all your conceptions of reality are taking place for the possibilities, you are living all the possiblities right there. And you are choosing, i want you to be aware of your choices. You are literally choosing to launch a reality and that launching of a reality will turn into a co-creation with everyone around you. When you are holding hands with the Great Mother, when you are in alignment with the Great Mother, the one that created you- your purpose in life will be revealed if you don’t remember. And when you do what you have come here to do, you are bringing this happiness into your life. Happy people create happy creations. That incredible co-creation that you are doing with everyone around you, when you are aware of these co-creations you will understand your responsibility as a human being. You are turning into a human being by dropping everything that doesn’t mean anything anymore. By dropping the colonizations, programming of separations. You can see the programmed mind and the lie- at the moment that you present a truth those lies have no power anymore over you. the understanding of that divine feminine and divine masculine resides within yourself. don’t look for that balance in the world of the form but in embrace that balance in this world of the essence for this embracing will bring you into a very different manifestations. that manifesto that comes from that divine feminine, from that holy spirit that you are. One of the incredible things and beautiful things in this world that we call ‘The world of the enchanted flower’ or ‘The fifth dimension’, human beings have the ability to recognize truth. The love for truth is creating the next step for the evolution. you are part of this new reality, of this new way of existence and so I am. So are many people around you. Don’t fight with that 3rd and 4th dimensional reality. For in that fight you will get engaged. That is what they want form you. Just keep on walking in your truth and you will se that they have no power over you and that is the greatest protection and spiritual work that you can do for your family, your community and for all the human beings...
— Magdala Ramirez