The Golden Era Series Part 12: On Many Realms

In the silence you can find me
in the deepest of the silence you hear the voice that guides you, the voice that loves you
in the deepest silence you remember the true human being you have always been
time have come for human beings to embrace your original vibration
when the great mother talks to you, she talks in vibration
it is you the one translating
see your relations inside of you
see how it has been that incredible mirror where you have been living
if you have a problem with a loved on, see them inside of you and connect with them inside of you though love and you will see how the changes happen.....
— Magdala Ramirez
It has come the time for human beings to embrace peace, for the people to recognize truth inside of yourself. What is the path of the human being? What is my uniqueness and what does it mean for me? Truth is that your path is very unique, it is your journey in life, your purpose in life. If you choose your path from fear, that path will take you to fear. If you choose your path through anger it will take you to anger. It is time to choose from love, for that path of love will take you to becoming a true human being. Even though we are all passing through the same things, each person’s perception is so unique. It is you the one who is designing your path at the same time, you know what is in that path already. It means you are seeing yourself form the future to the present. You already know the consequence of every single choice that you do in life. And by bringing that responsibility back to the self & you can see your path much more clearly. Love has always been unconditional. You thought love has to do with cultural belief, age, or other paradigms. But deep inside of you you knew how to recognize love.Truth is bonded with love. You are love at the same time as you are truth. No matter where you are in life, if you are willing to see the truth with that responsibility, with the incredible force of human being that truth will take you into a path, into the highest truth available. That truth will take you into a higher realm of your own self. When you are asking for the highest truth available for you, you must be willing to put it on. Drop those identities that have brought you down for a very long time. Pain was a good teacher, but light is an incredible teacher. Your own body of light- the one that tis able to conceive this new era, The Golden Era. Use your garment of light, for it is the time for the human beings to use their body of light. There is no need of a process.
— Magdala Ramirez,

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