The Golden Era Series: Harnessing the Emotional Body

"In this time you are also awakening this incredible power that is natural for the true human being. You are interconnected with everyone and in movement with everyone. But also it is the power you are embracing through that incredible entrega. So if you feel that you need to hide your shadow, because that is how you have been taught in the system and you won't be able to transmute it- in that moment, you are being it. At the moment that you are seeing it, you are transmuting it. Understand that flip in your life, in your energy- embrace that part of you that knows how to do this. Recognize that part of you in that incredible moment of the liberations. You know how to do this. There is a moment that all the centers in your body align with the one that created you. Remember that you have always been the light body- that light body, when you use it and identify with it- use it and understand that is who you are, you are not using the physical body or the programing in the physical body. it is bvery much using that light body, that heart that is connected with the universe- is using that part of you that knows how to do this." ~ Magdala Ramirez, The Golden Series: Harnessing the Emotional Body Episode.

The Golden Era: Part 10

".....there is different ways of thinking. you become very inclusive. you begin to comprehend that whatever is happening to one is happening to many, to all of us together.  there is a way of thinking about honor and respect to each other and as a  human being, to our environment for we understand the communication with the whole creations, with flowers ,trees with everything around us - connection with stars. in this realm you can see yourself as cosmic beings. in this realm is there is the perfect balance between the male- the female....."

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Pearls of Wisdom

"I want to say to many of you who are hesitating about your path. Thinking 'I don't see my path clearly, what should I do or where should I go and you keep on telling me to trust myself and i don't know how to do this'.But i'm telling you my sister, my mothers, my daughter, my grandchild. As you begin to walk, immediately the path is going to appear in your eyes.You are the path. Your path is so so unique that absolutely no one can walk it with you. You cannot walk the path of anyone else. Know that, you are that path and the walker. Remember that in every step is your prayer and your prayer is in every step. Know that when you become one with your path, you are being guided and you do have the assistance that you need, and that you also are assisting everyone around you. Respect the path of everyone, for it is a soul journey and that beautiful path that you are, will take you to the liberation that you have always been. A goal, isn't really in the outside. Its in every step. You have always been free. Through love you become who you truly are because you are love."
- Magdala Ramirez, on 'A New Way to Relate' episode on Blogtalk radio.
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